Used clothing - Second hand clothing - Processing of Used Clothing and Shoes

Second Hand Clothing - Used Clothing
Processing steps

Recovery and Recycling of Textile Products.

The machining process is divided into three main phases:


The material resulting from the collection, arrive in our warehouse on a daily basis and is subjected to careful sanitation.


The original material derived from collections, is carefully selected and divided by the quality and type of product.


The material is carefully placed in transparent bags , boxes or pressed bales to preserve the good condition of the garments.


  • Cream

    Used clothing, used shoes, high quality accessories in excellent condition.

  • Extra

    Used clothing, used shoes, good quality accessories in excellent condition.

  • Vintage

    Selection of clothes, shoes, accessories of the 60, 70, 80.

  • A Grade

    Used clothing, used shoes, accessories in good condition.

  • B Grade

    Selection of used clothing for the countries of Africa.

  • C Grade

    Selection of used clothing for the countries of Asia.

  • Wiping rags

    Selection of materials such as industrial yarn and rags.

  • Shoes and Accessories

    Selection of handbags, shoes, belts and accessories.

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